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Application knowledge of heat transfer roller printing machine

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Now in the printing industry, science and technology more and more new, we also continue to enhance innovation, the emergence of more and more equipment to meet the perfect demand for the current market, which is homeopathy printing equipment.
Roller printing machine as reflected in: the emergence of a good solution to the needs of designers to design a version.
Use the computer operation, like how to design on how to design. All the design changes are completed in the computer, the designer can play their own design inspiration, there is no restriction; design of the program can be printed quickly through the digital printing effect, the dissatisfaction of the local changes can be re-printed , The effect of comparison and evaluation, and can be modified again.
Roller printing machine not limited to fabrics, whether it is material, or chemical fiber and cotton mixture (including cotton content of not more than 40%), and linen, can be directly printed. Whether it is white fabric, or light-colored fabrics, and dark fabrics, can be printed on a variety of colorful patterns.
Roller printing machine is widely used in the following different industries:
Banners, Banners, Umbrellas, Advertisement Products) Bedding (Bed Linen, Bed Linen, Swimwear, Diving Suits, Fashion, T-Shirts, Socks, Jeans) Pillow cover, pillow cover) Home Supplies (sofa sets, sofa mats, mats, pillows, pillows, curtains, shower curtains, towels, towels, dry towel) outdoor supplies (Scarves, scarves, scarves, shawls), luggage bags, bags, shopping bags, handbags, shoulder bags, non-woven bags, canvas shoes) (Belt, hair band, belt, tied with, elastic belt, shoelaces, shoulder straps, gift belt, pet belt), all kinds of belts, belts, bracelets.

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