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The supreme roller printing machine shares the craftsmanship selected in the garment printing process. The non-restricted fabrics of the roller printing machine, whether it is cotton-containing materials, polyester, spandex and other chemical fiber materials, or mixed fabrics of chemical fiber and cotton, as well as denim, linen, etc., can be directly printed. Whether it is white fabric, light-colored fabric, or dark-colored fabric, all kinds of colorful patterns can be printed.
Although it is known that the printing machine can achieve a variety of different printing effects, the real printing process is not as simple as imagined. Take clothing printing as an example. It is necessary to select appropriate printing equipment and printing processes to obtain the ideal printing quality. The following is the top roller printing machine manufacturer to introduce two commonly used clothing printing methods, you can refer to it.

One is to first dye the fabric into a certain color, then print the desired pattern on the fabric, and finally make it into a garment. For this kind of printing process, general roller printing machines and screen printing machines can meet the requirements, but it is best not to use heat transfer printing machines, because the reducing agent used in printing is not only difficult to control, but also damages the fabric.

Another method is to print directly on white fabric. The most prone problem of this printing method is that the quality of the printing process is deteriorated, which affects the printing effect. Therefore, in contrast, the first method is ideal, and the products obtained will also have great value. In addition, the roller printing machine can be used to print various garments including children's clothing printing, underwear printing, T-shirt printing, etc. It is currently the printing equipment for clothing companies.
ZS-BA currently, for the apparel industry, Supreme Technology has produced the industry-standard garment printing roller printing machine. This machine is a product developed in 2010. It is modified to an “upward-looking” model on the original “downward-entry” model. It is more convenient to transfer garments and cut pieces. The alignment is more accurate. The blanket uses pneumatic pressure or hydraulic pressure to make the product printed with deep and bright colors. The transfer speed is greatly improved. The clothing version ZS-BA printing machine has been put on the market For more than 7 years, after years of technical precipitation and improvement, this clothing version ZS-BA printing machine has been recognized by the industry and favored by the clothing printing industry.

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