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Installation engineer: 5
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for technical work such as installation, debugging and machine maintenance of after-sales equipment.
2. Do a good job in technical communication and handover with equipment users in the customer's factory.
3. For customers' technical consultation and maintenance, they should be resolved carefully, and the problems that should be solved should be eliminated in an all-round way to improve the production efficiency of the customer's factory.
Specific requirements:
1. College degree or above, mechanical and electrical machinery and related majors, if the conditions are good, the degree can be relaxed to high school.
2. Strong sense of responsibility and strong hands-on ability;
3. Being honest and upright, possessing good professionalism, and the spirit of enduring hardships.
4. Have a strong sense of business initiative, sense of responsibility, hard work, and able to withstand certain work pressures.
5. Have the spirit of teamwork.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
Workshop director: 2
Job Responsibilities:
1. In the workshop's production, quality, technology, equipment, safety and other work, strive to improve the management level, improve the production efficiency, and complete the indicators and tasks assigned by the superiors in a comprehensive manner and in full quality and quantity.
2. According to the production plan issued by the production department, organize workshop production, coordinate various production processes, grasp the production schedule, and ensure the completion of balanced production and production tasks.
3. Strictly implement safe and civilized production management, educate workers to abide by labor, process discipline and operating procedures, and operate carefully according to drawings, processes, and standards.
4. Actively assist the office in staff quality education and technical training, and continuously improve the quality of staff.
5. Support quality inspection work, organize analysis and solve quality problems in time, and report major equipment, technology, and quality problems in time.
6. Plan the production site scientifically and reasonably so that the production site is orderly, roads are unblocked, and production is safe and civilized.
Specific requirements:
1. Have a college degree or above or rich work experience.
2. Have strong management ability and coordination ability.
3. Have a strong sense of work responsibility and professionalism.
4. Understand the production process and be familiar with the equipment operation.
5. Have sufficient production experience and will arrange production reasonably.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
Sales representatives: several
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products.
2. Exploit new markets, develop new customers, and increase the scope of product sales.
3. Follow-up of the company's old customers.
Specific requirements:
1. Hard-working and able to withstand greater work pressure;
2. Have teamwork spirit and be good at challenges.
3. If you are interested in the sales industry, with or without experience, the professional sales staff of the company will be responsible for the training.
4. Experience in sales of printing machinery and equipment is preferred.

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