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Digital thermal transfer technology is a new technology that combines traditional thermal transfer technology and digital printing technology to print color images and patterns without plate making. The webbing printing machine is suitable for sublimation transfer printing of large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, clothing fabrics, towels, sheets, mouse pads, etc., especially continuous transfer printing of pieces of fabric. It can print continuously at high speed and meet the needs of customers for mass printing. The movable positioning mold is adopted, the positioning correction is convenient, and it can be adjusted at will. The positioning can be adjusted in two ways or in a single group. The positioning error of the mold is small, and multiple ribbons can be transferred at the same time.

Today, the editor of Supreme Science and Technology will share with you the knowledge related to the printing technology of the webbing printing machine:

Digital direct-injection printing: Digital direct-injection printing is a new-generation printing method that directly sprays color pictures on the product without the need for plate making and paper. As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, digital direct-injection printing will lead the way in the future. However, due to the immature technology at present, for example, many fabrics cannot be printed directly in cloth printing, and coating treatment is required to print. The slow printing speed cannot be mass-produced, and the spherical and curved surfaces are difficult to directly spray, which restricts the digital direct-injection printing method. Promotion and application.

Cold transfer printing: Cold transfer printing is also called wet transfer printing or cotton transfer printing. It is used for printing on cotton cloth or cloth that cannot withstand high temperatures. It uses reactive dyes or reactive inks. When printing, it is still divided into concave and letterpress multi-color printer color printing and digital inkjet color printing according to the number of products. Concave and letterpress multi-color printing means that when the number of products is large, the pattern is printed on the color printer, but it needs to be opened, which takes a long time; digital inkjet color printing means that the number of products is small or the customer needs to be proofed, and the pattern is printed on the digital inkjet printer.
Thermal transfer printing: Thermal transfer printing can be divided into ordinary thermal transfer printing and digital sublimation transfer printing. In these two types of transfer printing, no paste or film is left on the surface of the product, and the hand feels soft and comfortable. Ordinary thermal transfer refers to the transfer of a gravure color printing machine that needs to be opened. This method is widely used in terms of pattern requirements and mass production. However, due to the high printing cost and low product volume, customer costs will increase and The delivery time is too long to be unpopular. Dye-sublimation digital transfer machine has high transfer rate, better pattern definition, and more vivid colors; it does not require the cost of printing plate, and the advantages of short delivery time are more popular.
Dongguan Supreme Technology Co., Ltd. is a brand manufacturer of thermal transfer machines, roller transfer printing machines, roller printing machines, roller transfer machines, domestic digital transfer machines and digital printing machines. A company that specializes in providing digital printing solutions and other one-stop equipment consumables sales and technical services. In order to meet the needs of the market and different customers, at present, Supreme Technology has tailored a variety of high-end webbing printing equipment models for the webbing industry: webbing double-sided transfer printing machine ZS-AB, multifunctional webbing transfer printing machine ZS -AA, roller sublimation transfer printing machine, ribbon transfer printing machine, double-sided printing machine, etc. are all best-selling models of Supreme Technology. Since its launch on the market, the product marketing strategy of high configuration, high quality and high service has also been adopted by Supreme Technology Machinery. The printing machinery industry has established brand prestige.

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