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Printing is an indispensable element of fashion trends. Thermal transfer printing technology is widely used in clothing, webbing, zippers, and home textile industries. Now thermal transfer printing technology is becoming more and more mature, which can perfectly present lifelike artistic pictures. The zipper is no longer a zipper, it is more like a small piece of personality. So, how are such various personality "accessories" realized? Today, the top printing editor will share with you the application knowledge of the zipper printing machine.

Thermal transfer zipper printing is different from traditional screen printing. Now supreme printing will explain it to everyone. First, let’s talk about traditional hand printing, which is the traditional process that people call screen printing now. Its disadvantages and advantages are as follows: At the following points, the screen printing needs to open the screen and make the film. There are many processes and pollution, not environmentally friendly, easy to fade, and feel. The reason why the society has begun to gradually phase out traditional crafts, the popular thermal transfer craze, the thermal transfer production cycle is fast, and the color fastness is good, the color is bright, no pollution, environmental protection, thermal transfer zipper printing is the first choice for the first printing machine .
Zipper printing

The common zipper in life mainly has several kinds of zipper printing: such as nylon zipper printing, waterproof zipper printing, metal zipper printing, invisible zipper printing, resin zipper printing and so on. Supreme Printing Machinery has carefully developed a device for zipper printing. This machine has high cost performance, stable and uniform heating temperature, accurate positioning, clear product transfer effect, and no color difference. It can be positioned according to different product sizes and transfer multiple products at the same time, which greatly improves production efficiency.
600 roller printing machine

The printing equipment produced by Supreme Technology Company, under normal use, the machine is guaranteed for 12 months (the blanket and heat transfer oil are not guaranteed). Maintenance is free for life. If the parts are damaged during the warranty period, we will send the parts for replacement and repair free of charge. After the warranty period, if you need to replace the parts, we only charge the cost of the parts for free repairs, and all other costs will not be charged. The five-star makes you more assured!

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