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     Since its establishment in 2003, Dongguan Supreme Technology Co., Ltd. has laid a solid foundation after more than ten years of steady development. Over the years, the company has insisted on taking a road of independent innovation with firm belief and sufficient endurance. The company has taken printing technology and service as its business direction; insisted on having its own leading core technology in the main technical fields and creating its own core products; insisting on cooperating with domestic The technical strategy of extensive cooperation with foreign counterparts; adhere to the business policy of focusing on customers and relying on independent new products to drive the market; adhere to the "customer-centric, honest and upright business style, trust and respect individuals, and advocate teamwork. Encourage flexibility and innovation" corporate culture; adhere to the development idea of ​​"long-term survival, seeking progress in stability"; adhere to the value concept of creating value for users and employees as business management; to achieve sustainable development, establish domestic enterprises in the field of printing machinery and Products as the company's development goals.

       The company has built a research and development team composed of many Ph.Ds and masters with many years of development experience, and new products come out every year. Following the self-developed sublimation roller transfer machine, digital photo machine, and cotton coating direct injection machine, three core products have entered the domestic and foreign markets. In recent years, the company's technological innovation capabilities have been continuously enhanced, the speed of products entering the market has been accelerating, and the product line has been continuously enriched and improved. The company has a number of core technology patents. In addition, the company has carried out product development and supporting close cooperation with large enterprises (groups) in several major industries such as domestic textile machinery, mechanical processing, and printing equipment. All these have laid a solid foundation for the company's rapid development in the future.

       Years of hard work has made us more clearly aware that technological innovation and advanced management models are certainly important, but more important is the collaborative execution of the entire team, as well as the trust and collaboration of partners and users, coupled with integrity and broad-mindedness. Only in order to make our business move forward, we also understand that as long as we solve our own problems down-to-earth, we can make progress and the company can develop. In the past few years, the supreme printing machinery has been "the supreme quality, quality supreme." The brand is supreme, the brand is supreme "." The mission, shoulder social responsibility, and win the trust of users, we will continue to work hard, continue to improve our shortcomings, with high-quality products and high-quality services to return the majority of users and friends in the industry The trust and enthusiastic support given to us over the years, and make progress with everyone!

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