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More and more businesses are advertising on mouse pads, and many businesses have reported that they have achieved good results, such as the gradual increase in take-out orders in the catering industry, the return rate of customers in the clothing industry, the increase in store sales, and even the real estate industry A case of using an advertising mouse pad to sell a house. The mouse pad can be said to be inclusive of everything, and it can display its greatest advertising value no matter what industry it is in. Personalized mouse pads are becoming more and more popular among the public. So, how is the personalized printing of mouse pads realized? The following editor will share with you the technical knowledge related to the mouse pad printing machine.
mouse pad

The supreme mouse pad transfer machine can print all kinds of flat objects. Wonderful patterns can be printed by digital printing machine. And the precision is as high as 2880DPI*1440DPI. At present, the ZS-BE60120 mouse pad digital printing machine independently developed and produced by the Supreme Printing Machinery Factory has been popularized in the market, and it is becoming more stable and the market is responding well.

The mouse pad digital printing machine ZS-BE60120 is a product for printing on various sheet materials such as mouse pads, pillows, glasses cloth, shoe materials, etc. This machine uses up and down conveying, which is convenient for manual feeding and discharging, and product positioning is accurate. The printing effect is good, and it can be transferred according to different product sizes and multiple products can be transferred at the same time to improve efficiency.

Mouse pad transfer printing machine Mouse pad digital printing machine ZS-BE60120 is a product for printing on various sheet materials such as mouse pads, pillows, glasses cloth, shoe materials, etc. This machine uses up and down conveying, which is convenient for manual feeding and discharging. , The product positioning is accurate and the transfer effect is good. It can transfer multiple products at the same time according to different product sizes to improve efficiency.
Product advantages:
1. Using the American "DuPont" blanket, the transfer effect is good, and the service life is long.
2. The seamless tube roller, the outer circle/inner circle precision lathe, the outer circle grinding and plating iron Buddha, to ensure that the temperature of each point is consistent.
3. The double-layer drum heats more evenly, and the imported heating tube heats. There is no color difference in the transfer effect, and it saves 15%-20% of electricity every day.
4. The inflatable shaft collects the paper and the bottom paper, which saves labor, and the paper is collected more and more firmly.
5.The heating system of this machine is controlled by an intelligent temperature meter, equipped with a high-efficiency heating mechanism, which heats up quickly and the temperature is stable.
6. The blanket is automatically separated. When the power is cut off or shut down, the blanket will be automatically separated from the roller to better protect the blanket and prolong its life.
7. Integrated conductive ring heating, conductive performance is more stable and safe.
8. The digital display of the control meter, the temperature and time can be controlled, and the accuracy is higher.
9. Blanket belt transmission function. After the product is transferred, it is transported to the back of the work frame through the conveyor belt, which saves labor.
10. The machine adopts the function of three releasing and two retracting, suitable for transfer printing: cut piece, piece of cloth (roll) and ready-made garment.
11. The machine is equipped with a timer shutdown function, and the machine will automatically shut down when it is idling for 2 hours.

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