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Precautions on the Carving of Roller Printing Machine

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Roller printing machine with 100% seamless tube roller, drum, outside the Seiko lathe, outside the cylinder Seiko polished, and then iron dragon, to ensure that the temperature of each point in line. Optional single-layer roller and double drum, double drum heating more uniform, no color transfer effect, saving 30% -40%. Stainless steel heating pipe directly heating layer, 45 minutes can be heated to 200 degrees.
1, pay attention to the first carving before cleaning the layout and coated with a dedicated carved oil, in the process should pay attention to several points: handling the drum should wear gloves to avoid hand sweat contaminated roller surface; when the need to use car handling, should In the car contact with the roller wrapped parts of the liner, to prevent the drum in the handling process was abrasions; roller installation should be avoided accidentally hit the cylinder, crushing the machine or parts, manual handling difficult big drum, should Consider the installation of the crane or gantry, can also use hydraulic car; plus carving oil should pay attention to the choice of good quality carving oil, and control the amount of good, poor or more carving oil are likely to lead to the rubber head over Early aging and affect the life of the carving head.
2, the relative position of the engraving knife and the plate roller on the regulation of the carving current also has a great impact. The relative distance between the engraving blade and the plate roller is controlled by adjusting the slide feet or by directly adjusting the engraving knife. Carving knife and the relative distance between the printing plate to the carving no current state, in the version of the roll can just draw a knife line as well. If the carving knife can not draw a knife line, then the engraving knife is too far away from the plate surface, should slip back into the foot or into the carving knife; If the draw too thick knife line, then carved knife from the roll surface too, Into the sliding feet or retreat carving knife.
3, when the same color version of both text and electric sub-map or large solid color, such as the same number of angles can not take into account the circumstances, the use of carving methods to solve. In many engraving operations, most of the practice is required in advance of all the sculpture process requirements are completed, record or save the adjusted current value, a carving start position. After the completion of a carving, the input or transferred to the next set current, rather than re-set a new starting position to ensure that the location of the same carving unchanged. Repeated engraving is a carving can not meet the printing requirements of the use of special methods, through repeated carving, carved in the first carved holes on the net again, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing the amount of ink containing the net.
4, the working environment: mainly refers to the work environment temperature, humidity and voltage changes. The temperature of the electric carving workshop is kept at 20 ± 2 ℃, the humidity is maintained at 50% -60% of relative humidity, and the voltage fluctuation is not more than 10%.

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