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Digital printing machine and the traditional printing technology contrast What are the advantages?

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Digital printing machine and the traditional printing technology contrast What are the advantages? The following drum digital printing machine manufacturers to introduce to you:
Digital printing machine is the 20th century, the emergence of the latest international printing equipment, is following the relief printing, flat screen printing, roller printing

, Rotary screen printing after another new printing method, is a major breakthrough in traditional printing technology.
In most printing and dyeing enterprises are facing enormous pressure on energy saving cases, the advantages of digital printing gradually began to appear. Use traditional printing

Equipment for printing, about 30% of the amount of dye can not be combined with the fiber, washed away when washed to produce pollution; and digital printing workers

Art by roller heat transfer process, the amount of dye is only about 40% of the traditional, the amount of pollution generated by traditional printing process is only 1 / 15-1 / 25

. It is also a digital printing machine is convenient, fast, environmental protection and other advantages, printing and dyeing enterprises on the demand for digital printing also appeared in large delivery year after year

Increase the situation.
Compared with the traditional printing proofing, digital printing to save time and cost, therefore, most companies to buy digital printing machine is used to proof

of. In recent years, some fully use the digital printing machine business has emerged, especially some of the new main silk printing enterprises

Digital printing machines have been used as the first choice for printing equipment.
Digital printing machine is for sweater printing, silk printing, T-shirts, cultural shirt, Guanggu Shan, clothing pieces of printing, fine tablecloths,

Curtains, fabric printing, swimwear printing, flags, home textiles, and other fields of high-end digital printing system, its efficient, high-precision,

Low-cost production capacity to meet the growing demand for rapid printing proofing for the production of personalized products to provide a strong guarantee, more suitable

Digital printing factory or workshop large quantities of digital printing industrial production needs, greatly enhance the added value of printing products.
Digital printing machine long life, high reliability, the maximum print speed of 45 square meters / hour, sweater 300 / day; 8-color printing color

Mode configuration, fine restore vivid, brilliant realistic color space; the use of high-viscosity piezoelectric industrial-type nozzle, thick fabric can also be

Print bright, full pattern; nozzle for the amount of ink intelligent control to meet the requirements of high-quality printing patterns; widely used in cotton, linen, of

Fiber, nylon, silk, wool and other fabrics; nozzle height can automatically adjust the lift to adapt to a variety of different thickness of fabric printing requirements; and

Compared with the traditional printing, the overall average power consumption decreased, water consumption decreased, the amount of dye decreased, the production process without waste generated to meet the energy

Environmental protection and market requirements. And this equipment is simple, easy to learn and understand.

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