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Roller printing machine which color method?

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Roller printing machine with seamless tube roller, drum, outside the Seiko lathe, outside the cylinder Seiko polished to ensure that the temperature of each point of the same. Optional single-layer roller and double drum, double drum heating more uniform, no color transfer effect, saving 30% -40%. Stainless steel heating pipe directly heating layer, 45 minutes can be heated to 200 degrees.
The following describes the drum printing machine coloring approach:
1. Color measurement method - by means of color measurement instrument, the target color measurement, color measurement results and input to the computer, and then color printing out. This approach through the instrument to determine the color, which ruled out a lot of man-made and environmental elements.
2. Color card palette method - after contrasting the color of the color card to color.
3. Through the palette method - the speed of its coloring process, the accuracy of the results entirely in line with the needs of the operator in the usual work of continuous analysis, accumulation.
4. Screen display method - after adjusting the color of the screen to adjust the color of the picture, usually on the screen through the color menu to select or adjust the color. This approach is very useful in color or when starting the palette, is commonly used by designers of a palette approach. However, because the color of the principle of the screen and the dye on the fabric of the hair color is not the same principle, the screen can show the color can not be fully reflected in the fabric through the dye out, and the dye embodies the slight differences between colors, but also Can not be clearly visible on the screen. This is therefore an approximate palette approach and can not be used as an accurate palette.

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