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The use of heat transfer roller printing machine coup

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Now the printing industry, science and technology more and more new, we are also increasing the ability to innovate, more printing machine equipment, the perfect to meet the current market demand for hot, and roller printing machine which is homeopathy Printing equipment.
The use of thermal transfer roller printing process coup Oh.
First, open the air switch, press the power button, the red light, turn on the heating switch, the green light, the machine starts heating.
Second, the temperature setting
1. Every time before starting to check the dial code settings, to prevent artificial set too high and burn blankets
2. Set the dialer below the temperature controller to 250 ° C, and turn on the small green light to start automatic temperature control.
3. When the temperature display reaches about 250 ° C, the red light indicates that the working temperature has to be transferred.
4. Open the motor switch, dial it to the forward, the speed knob slowly from left to right rotation to the appropriate speed can be.
5. If the transfer, the temperature is too low, set the appropriate temperature increase, and vice versa.
Fourth, the power to deal with: In order to ensure the transfer of finished products, turn off the motor after the belt drive, this time can still transfer, the same effect (note the speed to be consistent).
5, in order to ensure the life of transfer blankets, please transfer the end of each transfer to 95 ° C below the switch, the machine continues to rotate until the temperature dropped to 100 ° C below, you can shut down.

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