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The difference between roller printing machine and rotary screen printing machine

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Printing machine as the current hot indispensable equipment in the textile industry tools, the market's printing machine regardless of style or brand are all Ling Lang everywhere, a roller printing machine there are countless product specifications, the following for everyone Analysis of roller printing machine and rotary screen printing machine What are the differences
First, whether it can be used continuously
Roller printing machine is engraved with concave pattern copper roller in the fabric printing process, also known as copper roller printing. Carved cylinder referred to as flower tube. Printing, the first color of the stained surface of the flower tube, and then a sharp and flat scraper will not carve part of the surface of the stencil scraping, so that the concave pattern leaving color paste. When the flower tube is embossed on the fabric, the colorant is transferred to the fabric for printing. Each tube prints a color paste, as in the printing equipment at the same time with more than a flower tube, you can continue to print color patterns. Roller printing in some parts of the country also known as the Ox stamp, the principle of our daily seal the same;
Second, printing in different ways
Rotary screen printing is the use of scraper so that the rotary screen within the paste in the pressure driven by printing to the fabric up a printing method. Rotary screen printing has several important aspects different from other screen printing methods. Rotary printing and roller printing, the Department of continuous process, printing fabric through the wide rubber band is transported to the continuous movement of the cylinder in the following cylinder. Its principle is the reverse of the roller, in the rotary screen (nickel network) inside the leaking pulp (through the scraper, bar and pressure) to complete the printing;
Third, whether there is a high degree of accuracy
Both processes are continuous printing, the speed is relatively fast; roller printing machine in the fine pattern is carved by the fineness of the decision, in theory, the degree of fineness can be about 20 microns, is also the actual production Reflect the obvious, but the fineness of rotary screen printing is the fineness of the nickel mesh (mesh number) to decide on the current market is mature, 155M the following more reasonable;
Fourth, the color saturation printing
Another had to say the difference is rotary screen printing in a large area of ??printing saturation, especially the weight of the fabric is the roller can not be compared; of course, drum at the same time double-sided printing (fabric positive and negative) obvious advantages, Can not do it

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