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Roller digital printing machine has the characteristics of rapid production

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Digital printing technology in the international application of more and more widely, which is the combination of computer technology and printing and dyeing industry products, as well as drum digital printing machine support, not only can achieve the effect of traditional printing, and can be done with traditional printing machine can not be compared Special effects, completely changed the traditional printing concept, opened up a new era of printing. Digital printing technology is also on the clothing manufacturing industry, textile and apparel sales philosophy and management methods have brought great impact and changes. This is closely related to the progress of science, the change of human life and work pattern.
Roller digital printing machine with the production of fast features:
In most printing and dyeing enterprises face energy-saving emission reduction under tremendous pressure, the advantages of drum digital printing machine gradually began to show. The use of traditional printing equipment for printing, about 30% of the amount of dye can not be combined with the fiber in the washing was washed away and pollution; and digital printing process using ink direct injection process, the amount of dye is only about 40% of the traditional, and Only 5% of the ink in the post-processing was washed away, resulting in pollution is only the traditional printing process 1 / 15-1 / 25. It is also the drum digital printing machine is convenient, fast, environmental protection, printing and dyeing enterprises on the demand for digital printing also appeared in the case of a substantial increase year by year.
Compared with the traditional printing proofing, drum digital printing to save time and cost, therefore, most companies to buy digital printing machine is used to proofing. In recent years, some completely use the digital printing machine business has emerged, especially in some of the new main silk printing business has digital printing machine as the first choice for printing equipment.
Can be seen that the digital printing machine is experiencing a sporadic production from the concentration, industrialization, the process of change. The current European printing industry has more than 90% of companies using drum digital printing proofing, in response to rapid production, but also can keep the environment clean.

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