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Printing machine market, the development of new trends

Source:Best printing machinery Time:2016-08-16 Click:178 Times

"2014-2017 Chinese printing machine market research report" shows: printing machine industry is ongoing technological innovation and change. Reduce costs, increase production capacity, independent innovation, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises is a competitive weapon in the era of low-profit magic. Through technological innovation, the printing industry break through tight encirclement, improve production capacity and core competitiveness.
From the technology research and development, local enterprises to purchase and update the situation of the equipment, in the next period of time, rotary screen printing machine, flat screen printing machine will occupy the printing machine market share. At present, the market demand for clothing and textile is being refined and customized, and the development of textile machinery equipment will also improve the technology along the track. These technical improvements may involve improving the printing precision, shortening the plate making process and reducing the plate making cost. Batch printing, improve color and rich patterns and changes in the effect.
1, the overall growth in production of printing machine Digital printing machine has a bright future
2014-2015, the global digital printing output will account for 10% of the total textile printing output, digital printing equipment to maintain the amount will reach 50,000 sets. According to the China Institute of Industry is expected that China's digital printing output will account for the total domestic textile printing output of more than 5%, digital printing equipment to maintain the amount will reach 1 million units, printing and dyeing industry will enter a new stage of development.
With the digital printing production increased significantly and the rapid development of technology, digital printing has entered a growing period, more and more attention by the market. Especially in recent years, digital printing is absolutely the absolute protagonist of the major exhibitions, whether machinery or equipment business, products are gradually moving closer to the digital printing, follow the trend of development. According to the above forecasting data, digital printing market prospects, but the domestic application market has not yet quickly catch up with, used to follow suit, swarming on the Chinese enterprises, and now the most important thing should be more efforts in the product, in overcapacity Before the arrival of success to create their own unique advantages.
2, to enhance environmental protection and improve product performance to achieve breakthrough sales of printing machines
Printing machine sales this year, the reason why the domestic market has a larger decline, because last year's product sales are good, and printing machine has a sales peak every 34 years, the middle of the two or three years are flat faint market sales cycle. In addition to a large number of enterprises in the last year affected the sales volume, as well as the current domestic environmental policy more stringent, a lot of printing and dyeing enterprises to proceed to upgrade the equipment, making the printing machine speed generally increased by about 3 times a single production capacity expanded more than 1 times And other reasons.
The future of domestic printing and dyeing enterprises will be more stringent environmental requirements, because the digital printing machine is not sewage discharge, in line with environmental protection and energy saving requirements, so its printing market will become the future trend of development. However, due to the current digital printing technology is not yet mature enough, slow, low output, high cost, over the years many companies have been in the digital printing technology to improve. In short, the current basic printing press equipment will not be a major revolutionary improvement, which requires manufacturers to improve the details of the work required to do a good job, through continuous improvement of product performance to achieve sales breakthrough.
3, printing machine enterprises to find the right positioning to deal with market competition
The overall trend of domestic printing machine products must be high-end, with the improvement of customer requirements and for the performance, precision and other high demand to strengthen, printing machine manufacturers to pay more attention to product performance, increasing product R & D investment.
From a market development point of view, between enterprises, "one after another," the competitive process is inevitable, companies only continue to develop new printing machine, walking in the forefront of the market to get rid of out of the results. At present, the domestic textile and garment industry as a whole demand is not busy, in this environment, companies must do a good job of thinking to adjust to find the right market position, even if the sales are still good still in danger, continuous "internal strength" to improve business viability.
In addition, enterprises in response to "new normal" period of market demand situation, should also be changed with a single printing machine to overcome the situation in the market, increase the type of printing machine. Withdrawal of the original printing machine market competitive environment, can greatly enhance the ability of enterprises to resist risks.

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