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What are the common printing process?

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We sometimes find that clothing, curtains, T-shirts, bedding, and other fabrics will have a variety of patterns, then these patterns are printed on it? The printing process and a variety of we first come to understand the most common with several printing process.
1. Thermal sublimation ∈ thermal transfer
Medium: paper
Principle: high temperature and high pressure, liquid> solid> gaseous> solid (fabric)
Method: Transfer. Need to sublimate paper, sublimation ink can carry.
1. Sublimation can transfer directly to the pattern after the transfer to the fabric, the operation is simple, fast printing, thermal transfer printing machine cost is not high.
2.Printing color does not fade, one can print, printing low cost.
Disadvantages: can not print cotton fabric, and black fabric, unless the white cloth printed in black.
2. Screen printing
Medium: glue
Way: open mode
A. Suitable for all kinds of materials
B. Low cost, suitable for high-volume printing Disadvantages: a small amount of printing costs are high, the need for open-plate. The printed pattern has a layer of glue, easy to fall off, pollute the environment, easy to fade.
3. Direct injection machine
Principle: direct use of reactive ink hit the fabric
Method: first on the glue (white) --- print --- drying / high-pressure fixing --- washing --- soft --- drying
Advantages: Provincial printing paper
Machinery and equipment are generally expensive hundreds of thousands of high input costs
B. Unstable
C. Does not bleach but the color fastness is not enough.

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