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What are the characteristics of roller heat transfer machine?

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Roller heat transfer machine automatic pressure device, and the other printing a darker color, faster. Automatic elastic blanket, boot without blanket running, power automatically separated, effective protection blanket life. Can be a one-time solution to a variety of digital printing, packaging fabrics, pieces, clothing, mouse pad, will not produce color, ghosting, and other problems of the past transfer. It is suitable for the sublimation transfer of large banner, banner, non-woven fabric, garment fabric, towel, blanket, mouse pad and so on, especially continuous transfer of cloth. To continuous printing, speed, to meet customer demand for large quantities of printing. Roller thermal transfer machine with what characteristics? The following Xiaobian to tell you about:
Roller heat transfer machine features:
1, the stainless steel heating pipe direct heating reservoir, heating faster. 45 minutes will be able to reach 200 degrees;
2, the external fuel tank, add heat transfer oil is very convenient, automatic closure of the unique advantages of explosion-proof valve, high safety performance;
3, with a blanket from the type, using synchronous rod adjustment, and with a pressure balance bar to ensure that each blanket and heating cylinder pressure, completely solve the shutdown or power blanket with a cooling problem, better protection blanket , To extend its service life;
4, the use of frequency control, free to adjust the printing speed, transfer speed more stable;
5, optional automatic collection, release system;
6, the machine electrical components imported components, the use of electrical boxes and the separation of the host structure so that electrical life longer, the number of controllers, higher accuracy;
7, the hardware configuration is high, the main wall and all the axis of the shaft and all the professional Seiko reinforced production;
8, retractable and host the overall production, take the paper, do not shift parallel to the cloth accurate, small footprint, saving labor, the overall efficiency.

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