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Roller printing machine is a very good printing equipment

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Roller printing machine is a very good printing equipment. Roller printing machine is divided into the front part and the rear part of the front, including into the cloth and printing institutions, and printing machinery is divided into the front and rear cars, printing into the cloth side of the rear car, printed side of the cloth In front.
Kaleidoscope order from the cloth side of the arrangement down, the first contact with the fabric of the flower tube for a flower tube, arranged in order to the last one date.
After the roller printing machine are drying device, including the lining drying. The main components of the printing machine, including pressure roller, bearing box, the flower gear, flower tube, to the pulp device.
Roller printing machine as reflected in the large: the emergence of digital printing machine, a good solution to the needs of designers to design version. Roller printing machine not limited to fabrics, whether it is cotton or polyester, spandex and other synthetic materials, or fiber and cotton mixture, as well as denim, linen, etc., can be directly printed.
Whether it is white fabric, or light-colored fabrics, and dark fabrics, can be printed on a variety of colorful patterns.

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