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Roller printing machine product characteristics and application

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Multi-function roller printing machine adopts intelligent energy-saving technology, intelligent controller, automatic repair flatness of a number of advanced technologies to ensure that the device has high precision control, temperature stability, temperature balance, simple operation and so on. The multi-function roller printing machine is suitable for the printing of the whole cloth, cushion, foot pad, sleeping bag, mouse pad, bed sheet, umbrella and hanging painting. It is suitable for printing and ironing the whole cloth. Not more than 60% increase in efficiency, double-loop within the thermal conductivity system, automatic correction of blankets, do not take place. Automatic Kia pressurized device, and the other printing a deeper color, faster. Automatic elastic blanket, boot without blanket running, power automatically separated, effective protection blanket life.
Product Features:
1. This machine is equipped with automatic retractable function and track automatically sent pieces of kinetic energy, pneumatic pressure, blankets from the stainless steel heating system, frequency control. Printing paper tension can be adjusted, will not draw flowers!
2. With the motor advance and retreat blanket function, blankets and conveyor belt with automatic correction function;
3. Electronic digital temperature control, motor frequency digital speed, accuracy up to (± 1-2 ℃);
4. It is suitable for roll-up of fabrics, and also suitable for the transfer of fabric.
5. Peripheral fuel tank, automatically close the valve, very convenient for the heat transfer oil, high security, explosion-proof unique advantages.
6. The use of a joint venture production of DuPont high temperature material made of blankets, durable, good transfer effect.
7. Roller chrome-plated surface technology, hardness, wear-resistant, anti-sticking, transfer effect is very good;
It is suitable for the printing of hosiery and filming. The working efficiency is 2 ~ 3 times higher than that in the past. It can reach 250m / h about "multi-function roller printing machine". The machine adopts the latest advanced technology, without long cold machine, blanket And the cylinder can be a separate manual / electric completely separated, without intermediate plug spacer, with power protection.

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