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How to choose a suitable digital printing machine business?

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"To be good at work, we must first of its profits." More and more personalized textile market, more and more enterprises in the textile printing choose digital printing machine. Because of its fast response proofing, proofing low cost, the effect of good consistency and other advantages. Enterprises in the choice of digital textile printing machine for their own time should consider what factors? The following list some, you can refer to some.
Fabric form selection: membrane, cut pieces, sweaters, garments, etc. refers to the form of fabric, companies can choose according to their own fabric form of digital textile printing machine. Printing precision of choice: Conventionally, silk, chiffon and other delicate fabric precision requirements to be higher, relatively coarse fiber fabric requirements lower accuracy. But also from the customer's request to consider whether the choice of textile printing machine to achieve the accuracy of the customer requirements, while the higher the accuracy, the slower the efficiency in the pursuit of high precision at the same time do not forget the printing speed standards.
The choice of printing process: digital printing mainly direct printing and thermal transfer printing two printing process, direct spray process fabric for a wide range of applicable hemp, silk, wool, cotton, polyester, nylon, modal, but the need to sizing , A relatively large investment, direct injection textile printing machine in the speed of the fastest Kyocera nozzle (a nozzle about 40,000 yuan), followed by Star 1024 (2 million) nozzle these two, Are high-speed nozzle, medium-speed nozzle common are: Ricoh G5, Seiko, Konica 1024i and so on. High thermal transfer accuracy, low investment, do not have to do before and after treatment, but not a lot of fabric applied, mainly used in chemical fiber fabrics, generally using Epson nozzle, the speed is very slow to adapt to print samples. Printing machine nozzle choice: the printing of textile printing machine on the accuracy of the printing, the size of inkjet, printing speed, production costs play a decisive role, is the most important textile printing machine components, the current domestic mainstream textile printing machine nozzle : Starlight, Kyocera, nozzle as a consumable to a few years, so we must consider the durability of the nozzle and replacement costs.
Printing ink selection:
1. According to the printing needs to select the number of ink colors, you can choose four-color, six-color, eight-color ink, the more the number of ink, print the better the better color saturation.
2. According to the material of the fabric to choose ink, different fabrics using different inks, the correct use of ink, the fabric color fastness, color has a good performance, printing ink General acid ink, reactive ink, Dispersion of ink and so on.
3. According to the textile printing machine nozzle brand choice of ink, select ink for research and development of the nozzle is more conducive to production.
Manufacturers of choice: without considering other factors in the case, select the large-scale manufacturers are preferred, large-scale manufacturers in R & D and after-sale technical aspects are more perfect, manufacturers decided to use its R & D equipment production Whether the product is competitive in the market, to the power of the after-sales support to solve your worries.
China's imports of choice: the level of China's manufacturing technology more and more mature, and the gap between imports of machinery has been getting smaller and smaller enterprises to choose imported textile printing machine or domestic textile printing machine in this regard can consider the following factors: First, Cost factor. Imported machines in the freight and tax costs are higher, in the choice of textile printing machines are often imported machines more expensive than domestic machines. Second, the key technologies. Textile printing machine the most important core technology is the nozzle, domestic textile printing machine is also used to import the nozzle, some manufacturers use the accessories are mostly imported from abroad, in the equipment technology is almost the same domestic imports. Third, after-sales service. Good after-sales service support is one of the key, good after-sales service is a problem in a timely manner to solve the problem, and an effective solution to the problem.
Other factors: site selection: equipment footprint and the required environmental conditions, environmental conditions are mainly reflected in: temperature and humidity. Printing costs: plant rental, labor costs, utilities costs, purchase equipment costs, ink consumption, nozzle loss. Equipment operating conditions: to understand the equipment, power, pressure, voltage and other specific requirements. Not the best machine, only the best machine for themselves, the most important for their own, in the choice of textile printing machine, should be combined with their actual situation and needs to choose, do not choose expensive, only the election of.

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