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Fashion characteristics of printing into the future digital thermal transfer printing industry consumption trends

Source:Best printing machinery Time:2016-08-16 Click:67 Times

People's demand for personalized more and more, and the demand for personalized products is getting higher and higher.
China's population of more than 100 million is a huge clothing consumer market, with the national disposable income increased, people tend to spend money on personalized fashion apparel, so that international and domestic manufacturers in the apparel market to see the new Opportunities and prospects. The development of digital printing to the printing market has brought new shocks to meet the individual needs of consumers, digital printing technology tends to enter the "personality fast fashion" areas.
China's apparel market is experiencing "fast fashion" and personalized trend, which prompted low-cost, short version of the demand for digital printing live clothing continues to increase. At the same time, casual wear and sports apparel market is also expanding, and this is the printing and embroidery key application areas. The development of digital printing technology, allowing custom and custom decoration into the final design. With the development of garment direct printing technology, textile printers to create a short-term custom "fast fashion" clothing.
The traditional printing industry, the development of the latest textile printing technology, such as thermal transfer, scrub effect and screen printing. However, people's consumption concept more and more tend to "fast fashion" consumption, the traditional printing has been unable to meet people's consumption needs. The digital printing market growth for the vast number of consumers with a real "private order" consumption patterns. With the rapid development of the domestic real estate market, as well as the expansion of the enterprise, retail, leisure and hotel accommodation industry, interior designers have emerged in China's first-tier cities, the demand for personalized fashion, Will be the best prospects for development in the coming year, which for enterprises or individuals are a great opportunity and challenge.
China's printing industry is to maintain steady and rapid development, but because of personal needs, environmental protection, health and other factors led to some of the traditional process by the process, and innovative technology digital printing will completely break the abide by the conventional process, heat transfer printing machine Industry to a new height.

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