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Roller printing machine maintenance operation process

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The multi-function roller printing machine adopts Seiko to make the drum outside the iron dragon; When the abrupt stop or blackout, the blanket can realize the automatic separation, more effective protection blanket, prolongs the life; The automatic control, the high quality numeral display, the time control, . So for the daily maintenance of multi-function roller printing machine you know?
1. Daily switch confidential check whether the power supply, power supply is normal, ground connection is normal;
2. Routine check whether the dust inside the machine, need to be erased in time to keep each part clean;
3. Routine inspection Roller and blanket inside accidentally fall into the metal or debris, such as the discovery of abnormal circumstances, must be handled well;
4. Routine inspection wire wiring to see if there is a burning phenomenon, should be promptly handled;
5. Remove the body shell frequency conversion radiation and dust;
6. Regularly check the engine cover around, if there are other things piled up, to keep clean and timely to ensure that the motor cooling;
7. All bearings must be added once a week high-temperature butter to ensure the normal operation of bearings;
8. Emergency stop switch, in the course of the roller printing machine emergency stop switch to minimize the use of emergency stop can not exceed 3 minutes.
9. Regularly check the wires, circuits, etc. whether there is aging.
10. Every time you start the machine, the oil will be added to all parts of the machine; thermal oil needs to be added regularly.
11. Clean the machine every week.

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