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Note the use of ribbon printing machine

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1. Operators must strictly abide by the machine parts of the ban signs to operate in order to avoid accidents.
2 for the blankets at both ends of the impact of inconsistency in tension, so the blanket will be left or right deviation, so the machine has blanket with correction roller. If the blanket is offset to the right, the right end of the blanket is tightened; if the blanket is shifted to the left, the left end of the blanket is tightened. Specific steps: the distribution of the special wrench into the machine to adjust the screw end of the rotation. Note clockwise for relaxation, counterclockwise for tension. Blanket adjustment is not a short period of time can be completed, so be patient.
3. Because it is thermal machinery, so the use of the process, the shaft or the heating element and the size of the bearing may be due to thermal expansion will issue some sound, really belongs to the normal phenomenon, do not panic.
4. Because the ribbon printing machine is a thermal machine, periodically (7-10 days) to the bearing oil, otherwise it will cause the bearing stuck to affect the normal production.
5. The chassis control circuit board and the inverter, usually should be kept clean, can not have dust and other metal conductive items fall into. The collector ring carbon brush protective cover shall not be opened, careful electric shock.
6. If you need to replace the heating element, reducer, thermal oil, etc., must be used for the company's special models, shall not be allowed to change, change or risk of accidents may result.
7. Heating cylinder surface after special treatment shall not use corrosive liquid scrub and a hard object into the scratches.
8. Host blanket belt is a valuable part, please do switch duty, prevent burning, this part is not within the scope of warranty.
9. In case of power failure, and the machine is in high temperature state, immediately turn the right hand behind the box behind the hand wheel so that the blanket from the heating roller, and through the pressure control switch pneumatic shaft and roller separation to prevent blanket burning or burn , Between the blanket and the roller sandwich cardboard and other heat-resistant barrier items.
10. Do not touch any drive and high temperature parts, or crushing and burns may occur.
11. Heating roller surface after special treatment with corrosive liquid shall not be scrubbed and hard objects into the scratch or pressure on the roller surface, or may affect the transfer effect.

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