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How to choose a good roller printing machine?

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Printing has been an indispensable element in the fashion trend, with the improvement of people's quality of life, the pursuit of fashion printing industry is no longer satisfied with the monochrome or four-color printing, the new roller printing machine from the traditional stand out, Can be directly to the computer design patterns, as a model for production, design realistic, high temperature processing by the roller printing is not easy to fade, then how to choose high-quality roller printing machine?
Here for everyone in three areas:
1. Select the appropriate production of their own printing models.
Roller printing machine speed determines the printing output, customers can choose according to their own production needs of the size of the roller printing machine, the output of less manufacturers can choose slow printing, so you can save the cost of purchasing the machine to reduce power consumption.
2. Select the printing of good fruit drum machine.
In the purchase of roller flower machine, be sure to choose a good roller printing machine manufacturers, quality assurance, and the quality of the drum determines the quality of the printing pattern of rural fruit, a good roller surface smooth, printed pattern does not appear The depth of the pattern on both sides of the inconsistency, color black or fuzzy ghosting, pressure balance, easy to control the depth of the pattern.
3. Select a professional after-sales team.
Timely and good customer service in the 21st century, more and more people are not the importance of a product quality, but to maximize corporate profits, including product sales is also a key point to improve corporate profits, because if not Timely sale, will directly affect the production of products, and thus delay the after-sale damage is also the interests of consumers, the greater the loss of the enterprise itself, so the team is also a sale can not be ignored.

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