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In the textile and apparel fabrics, digital printing process because of a high precision printing, no plate, flexible volume, environmental protection, small footprint and other advantages, by the industry's favorite. So today we have to explain, how companies choose their own textile digital printing machine.
1, transfer or direct injection
The choice of printing process directly determines the choice of digital printing machine type. For the printing of fabric printing is the choice of transfer process or direct injection process, the choice of digital printing machine has a directional role in the decision. Transfer printing process investment is small, the printing of high precision, but the application of the fabric has been limited, mainly for chemical fiber fabrics. The direct injection process generally need to fabric sizing, steaming, washing and other sectors, relatively large investment, but the fabric for a wide range of applicable to polyester, nylon, cotton, linen, silk, wool, modal fabric type.
2, the printing precision to see the fabric
Enterprises can choose according to the different fabrics and customer needs to meet the customer's printing precision equipment. In general, the fiber is relatively smooth and delicate fabrics with high precision requirements, such as silk, chiffon, etc .; fiber rough fabric of the lower accuracy requirements, such as canvas, sweaters and so on. In the choice of precision printing should pay attention to, not the higher the better accuracy, because the accuracy and efficiency of the two opposing factors, if the higher the accuracy requirements, the lower the efficiency.
3, domestic and imported than to be
As China's technological progress and the maturity of the manufacturing process, China-made digital printing machine and the gap between the import machine has been getting smaller and smaller. Enterprises choose domestic digital printing machine or imported digital printing machine, the main need to consider the following factors:
First, the cost factor. Imported equipment as a result of tariffs and freight factors, so the price of imported digital printing machine than the price of similar domestic digital printing machine is higher.
Second, the key technologies. As the key components of digital printing machine - nozzle, are basically imported to Japan-based production of the nozzle. So whether it is domestic digital printing machine or imported digital printing machine, the key equipment used is basically the same.
Third, after-sales service. Whether domestic equipment or imported equipment, good after-sales service are selected digital printing machine to consider one of the important factors.
Processing problems, troubleshooting the timeliness, effectiveness directly determine the efficiency and cost of production.

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