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Human progress has evolved from the feet, and the changes in feet reflect the changes of times and social changes. Today, the couple's street doodle, with its cool and cool print, projects a young, Bohemian look. The shoe is printed on the top of the pattern to reveal oneself; Make it comfortable and comfortable. Let the whole day be able to exude fashionable originality. In such a market environment, a kind of new and high-tech printing equipment, digital printing machine, solve the past the old process is difficult to achieve, and the cost is low, the rejection rate is low, large profits to create value.


Shoes material industry

Digital printing machine is a kind of "non-contact" inkjet printing technology digital printing equipment, no longer limited to printing paper, can support direct printing on any object. Through a variety of digital input method, the required pattern after data editing treatment, spray directly by the control system will be a special dye printing to a variety of products, to overcome the disadvantages that exist in the traditional printing, color design can be in any of the material surface, without plate, without being limited by the pattern and color, printing proofing fast, is a printing, color bright, the effect is clear, image waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistance strong adhesion, do not fade, easy to operate, stable performance, the machine to the maximum to meet customer demand, has the following.


1, realize the digital printing process, so that the design of the printing products, production can not only rapid response the orders demand, and there are a lot of randomness, according to the need for flexible production. For example: customer order (10m2) decoration cloth can be delivered in only 3.5 hours, which can be made to satisfy the customer's satisfaction. Traditional printing is required to make the process of color separation, network, color matching, pulping, printing, post-treatment and so on. It is expensive to produce and the customer is not satisfied.


2. The design of the sample can be modified on the computer, and the designer's design concept and aesthetic concept are fully and fully displayed. Until the user immediately claps, approves design plan, undertake batch processing. In traditional printing, once the designer's sample is determined, it is difficult to make the second creation and modification. For design, pattern, color collocation and so on, in the production of lack of flexibility and rapid market strain capacity.

3, digital jet printing technology is controlled by digital nozzle, at the site of the need to dye, the micro point of dyeing on-demand jet corresponding crash the required pattern of many tiny points, to achieve visual color consistent pattern is clear. Traditional printing is relatively poor in color saturation and level, and it is difficult to grasp some clouds.

4. Due to the high printing accuracy of the digital printing machine, there is hardly any question of the accuracy of flowers and color, regardless of the type and number of colors, the direct printing method is completed. Avoid the traditional process of the "engraving" process of a large number of reducing agent pollution and the waste of dye, also guaranteed bright color light and fastness.

5. In the process of digital jet printing, the computer automatically remembers the various data, in bulk production, the color data is the same, and the consistency between the small sample and the large sample is guaranteed. In traditional printing, the consistency of small samples and large samples is hard to guarantee, which is because the batches of the slurry are different, resulting in subtle changes in the same color. This problem is difficult to solve in traditional printing industry.

6, digital printing technology can not exist in the process of the concept of "take back", make full play of the designer's design idea, no longer bound by "take back", a more beautiful design to lay the foundation for the design of the designer. In actual production, printed flowers back up to 15m. In the traditional printing process, the design pattern of the designer should be designed according to the characteristics of the printing equipment. This limits designers' talents and abilities to a certain extent.

7. Printing accuracy is high, printing on the fabric can basically reach the printing level.

8. The production of digital jet printing is lower than the traditional printing cost. This will provide a good foundation for the market of multiple varieties and small batches.

9. The storage of process files: the data information and process plan needed in the digital printing process are stored in the computer, which can guarantee the reproduction of the printing. In the traditional production of circular screen printing, the preservation of archives is a troublesome problem. The storage of the manuscript and the storage of the round net take up a lot of space, which is to waste manpower and waste material resources, while saving the effect is not very good.

10. Digital printing belongs to the green mode of production. The process of printing is not used in the process of printing, and the color paste is not used. The traditional printing is very large for water, and the waste water, waste water and waste water produced are highly polluting to the environment.

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