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Tong kun group co. LTD

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Tong kun group co. LTD

Project background:
Dacron is the world's largest production, the most widely used synthetic fiber varieties, polyester, accounting for more than 60% of the world's synthetic fiber production. Used for cloth, bedding, all kinds of decorative fabrics, special fabrics and other textile and other industrial fiber products, polyester fiber and filament fabric has very strong hydrophobicity, almost all the dyes and the dyeing method usually can not stain, can only use disperse dye dyeing. But the whole process of such staining can be completed under high temperature and pressure.

Company overview:
Tongkun group co., LTD. Is a large joint-stock listed company with PTA, polyester and polyester fiber as the main industry. It is located in tongxiang city, the hinterland of hangjiahu plain. Companies leading products for the "GOLDEN COCK" brand, "tong" brand polyester filament and polyester chip, polyester filament are in xiamen, DTY, (silk) and polyester FDY such composite wire peace with wire and so on five big series more than 1000 varieties. It is the only one of the top 500 enterprises in jiaxing.

Top roller printing machine advantage:
1. fast heating, seamless tube roller, cylindrical/internal precision lathe, cylindrical grinding plating TieFo dragon, ensure each point temperature. Double roller heat more even and import hair heat pipe heat. The heating system is controlled by the intelligent temperature instrument, which is equipped with high efficiency heating mechanism.
2. The transfer effect is better - the imported American "dupont" raw material blanket is imported, the effect is better, and the service life is longer
3. Intelligent simplified operation -- the machine adopts the three-way and two-charge function, and the gas expansion shaft receives the paper and the bottom paper, which is more labor-saving, and receives more paper and more prison.

According to the existing mechanical environment, operation number, printing production, technology, etc., choose direct spraying or printing or transfer solutions.

Project process:


Adopting process:
Step 1: make a high-resolution image,
Step 2. Print the pattern on the heat transfer paper with the top heat transfer printer.

The third step is to transfer the pattern heat sublimation to the fabric with the top roller transfer machine. The operation is simple and the pattern is formed once, without the need to be lubricious. ​

First roller printing machine is suitable for all kinds of clothing products, such as applied to the T-shirt, jeans, casual wear, sportswear, etc., through the first roller printing machine is formed after thermal transfer color images, a bright colors, patterns clear, soft, non-deformation, strong robustness, washable, etc.

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