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Multifunctional proof machine ZS-BA1

1. The machine frame of the whole machine is stable and not easy to deform and rotate. The guide cloth is designed with dexterity and simple operation.
2. Internal circulation system is provided inside the drum of the machine. Through the electric heating, heat conduction oil, make the roller surface temperature control at + / - 1 ℃ or so.
3. PID automatic temperature controller is adopted to automatically adjust the high accuracy of the insulation current control.
4. Hand back blanket device, remove the blanket when rising and cooling, extend the service life of the carpet.
5. The machine has cloth side paper and pad device to reduce blanket pollution and reduce the number of cleaning.
6. The finished products are not processed after the transfer. The colors are bright and soft, and the color quality is constant.
7. Printing speed control adopts variable frequency control;
8. Professional solutions to the file port and factory cutting. The problem of not convenient and small batch cost.



Multi-function Mini-heat sublimation machine Mini roll sublimation machine. Best Printing Machine Co., LTD researched and developed this machine in 2015.It will help you to make sample and save the cost when your output is small.
The best choice for saving electric, saving space, saving cost.

             Product application:Cut pieces, hats, shoes, crafts, gifts.

滚筒转印机1 滚筒转印机2 滚筒转印机3 滚筒转印机4

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