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Clothing Edition ZS-BA

1. The single roller structure, internal/external cylindrical drum lathe processing, precision cylindrical grinding machine processing, ensure the drum thickness consistent, fever within + / - 1 ° C.
2. The heat pipe is imported from Taiwan, and the heating tube is soaked in the heat conduction oil and heating up. The heating rate is faster, and the energy saving is more than 15%.
3. Blanket selection of American dupont material, the transfer effect is good, the service life is long.
4. Pneumatic pressure device can be adjusted according to the transfer of different materials. It can be changed faster and brighter.
5. The pressure of the blanket and heating cylinder is consistent, which completely solves the problem of the blanket cooling when shutdown or power failure. It is better to protect the blanket and prolong its life.
6. The machine adopts three - and two-charge functions, and three: two. Suitable for main wear, cutting and readymade garments.


服装滚筒转印机01 服装滚筒转印机02 服装滚筒转印机03 服装滚筒转印机04

This machine was newly researched and developed in 2010,improved from the original model of "down delivery"to" the uplivery".therefore,it is more convenient to transfer print on the clothing and cuttings with more accurate location using the pneumatic pressing or hydraulic pressing for woolen blanket makes the color of the products darker and brighter,which greatly speed up the transfer printing.

1.The SUS heating hose heats oil directly at higher heating speed,reaching 200 " C within 45 minutes.
2.It is equipped with external oil box which makes it convenient to add heat conduction oil.it has high security performance with the unique advantage of anti-explosion through automatic valve off.
3.Blanket and belt are separated.Adopt simultaneous shaft adjustment and pressure balancing shaft to make sure the pressure on the blanket is consistent with that on the heating roller.thus completely solve the problem of cooling the blanket while turning off the machine or while power off.And give more protection to the blanket and extend its using life.
4.Use frequency conversion governor which can adjust the printing speed freely.And the transfer printing speed Is more stable.
5.Automatic colleting and releasing cloth system is optionally equipped.
6.The electric components of this product are imported,and is separated structure of the electric box with the body machine makes the using life of the electrical equipment longer.the digital controller brings higher accuracy.
7.The hardware is with high-tech configuration.the main wall panel and rollers are all reinforced and manufactured professionally.
8.The releasing-laying system is manufactured with the body machine as a whole part.thus to deliver the paper or cloth exactly parallea without deviation.lt only covers a small area but is labor-saving with high overall efficiency.


           Product application:clothing, home textiles, handbags, mat, shoes, hats, crafts, toys, advertising supplies.
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