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Why is thermal transfer paper for printing machinery and equipment?

Source:Best printing machinery Time:2016-08-16 Click:66 Times

Now popular in the market called a heat transfer printing machine is a device, its colorful printing, you can repeat printing and dyeing, more importantly, the quality of printing is definitely superior, but this thermal transfer opportunity to use a more special Material is thermal transfer paper, then why is that thermal transfer paper for printing machinery and equipment? Here we come to sum up
1, the surface quality of thermal transfer paper to see, Beijiao and coating are very uniform, absolutely not like some of the paper on the market today as uneven coating or powder
2, the heat transfer paper does not require printer to improve the pickup roller, paper is very uniform coating is perfect
3, print color and display color is very similar to change the color of the previous printing problem
4, the biggest advantage is that no longer need special heat transfer ink, with dye / water-based ink can be very beautiful, oh, to solve the problem of color cast and printer plug
5, transfer easily, hot tear Oh, 185 degrees 18-20s pressure heat tear, or 190 degrees 18s, color transfer is very bright, than the red and mag color must be bright times
6, washing test, the color is not washed after washing out, fastness to 8, hand-washing and washing machine washing without any problems, to resolve those who worry about fade the troubles of customers
Thermal transfer paper and then heat transfer printing machine, but it is, and his advantages and characteristics are inseparable.

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