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Thermal transfer process requires the production of equipment which several?

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Heat transfer printing principle is the use of advanced printing technology will be special printing (water or oily), all the necessary color patterns printed on the special paper, made with a variety of fancy transfer printing paper, and then transfer printing On the machine, the pattern printed on the printed side of the printed fabric with the close, through the heat and pressure, the use of paper dye produced sublimation, transfer to the fabric to be printed on the printed fabric on the formation of the Need a variety of patterns.
Thermal transfer process to produce what equipment? Thermal transfer printing machine manufacturers tell you that the heat transfer process required equipment and materials are as follows:
1. Printer even for the system: "Caipen mad" dedicated thermal transfer for the continuous ink system;
2. Printers: any one of a desktop printer;
3. Heat transfer machine: flat heat transfer machine, or baking machine, baking cups and other transfer equipment;
4. Special thermal transfer coating fluid: In order to make thermal transfer ink to adapt to more surface (mainly non-cloth), can be used with thermal transfer coating to achieve a satisfactory output;
5. Print media: polyester and polyester-cotton blended fabrics to the main; hard objects to high temperature materials, such as film, metal, glass, ceramic (ceramic tile, porcelain cup), PVC and other materials;
6. Thermal transfer paper: thermal transfer special paper can be uniform, adequate absorption of thermal transfer ink, at high temperature and can absorb the heat transfer ink completely released from the paper, the color transfer to the transfer object surface;
7. Thermal transfer ink: thermal transfer ink, also known as sublimation ink, product features: water-based ink, color saturation, wide color gamut; ink dispersion stability, and effective protection of the nozzle; compatibility is good, print reproducibility it is good. Compared with other inks, thermal transfer ink to high temperature to transfer the color to the items before showing the original color, initially printed on the transfer paper color is not the final color, to go through a period of time to show the high temperature The original color

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